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I was speaking with a large group of High School students earlier this week whom attend what is known as an alternative school. In a nutshell it’s for students who take their classes online. Many of the students I was presenting to had issues in their previous school and got expelled or got into some kind of trouble. Disenfranchised kids. I looked around the room, reminding them of how amazing they are and there are so many opportunities for them in their future, I could see some of them felt stuck because of the choices they had made. I could see on some of their faces they had forgotten they get to choose, they hold the power to make different choices on what their future holds. During my hike my mind reflected back to that talk. I want to remind you that you always get to choose what your life looks like. If you are stuck in a job you hate or in a friendship you no longer want, you get to choose to do something differently. You have the power to make different choices. For many of us it takes courage, this quote attributed to Jack Canfield says, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Usually the fear you have in your head is much worse than what you will experience. Ask yourself, is the fear that’s keeping you stuck really true? This video is filmed during my hike and it was a windy day! At the end there is a 15 second clip of the trail for your pleasure 😊.

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