About Carmen

I believe we are remarkable human beings because we really do create our outer reality and it starts within. I believe we always have a choice to make the changes that we want to make, and I believe that everyone can be more than their current story.

If you are more than your current story, you give the others that follow behind you the courage to do the same.

I feel that when we look at our lives and its possibilities from a limitless perspective, we can see so much clarity around our potential. When clients feel stuck or overwhelmed, not able to see their limitless potential, I help them discover their path to authenticity and transformation. I encourage them to ascend the circumstances of their lives, free their ‘heart space,’ take flight and soar!

Carmen Payne

Carmen Payne is a personal and professional development coach. She works with business and corporate professionals to develop your leadership skills and increase your self-awareness, in order to help you create an even better personal and professional life fit. Carmen’s services include personalized coaching, workshops, consulting and speaking.

During her corporate career, both in the UK and US, Carmen traveled the world leading international IT projects. This included developing, testing, training, and deploying global solutions with large, international teams and partnering with Fortune 500 companies.

Carmen retains her Project Management Professional (PMP) accreditation and obtained her coaching certifications at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Carmen also holds certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy® and is a certified Add Heart facilitator.


  • Transformational Life Coach, South West Institute of Healing Arts
  • Law of Attraction Coach, Quantum Success Coaching Academy
  • NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach
  • TimeLine Therapy® Practitioner
  • Add Heart® Facilitator


  • Project Management Institute
  • American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy® Association 



I approach each client as the unique individual they truly are, I do not believe in a, one-size-fits-all mentality. Just like a coach for an athlete, I help my clients develop skills, train, and visualize so they achieve their goals.

Imagine how far and how quickly you could go with a life coach supporting you to achieve your life goals!

I encourage you to take that leap of faith in yourself. You can change your circumstances, gain control, and be a victor of your situation.

To get started, please call or email me.

You are remarkable. I believe you can ascend your life, take flight, and soar.

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