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Leading with Your Heart

We all lead, regardless of the many roles we play in our lives. Each day, we should ask ourselves: where are we leading from? In this seminar Carmen focuses on how to lead with your heart. She reveals:


  • The Five Pillars of Leading With Your Heart© 
  • The Success Keys to becoming a conscious leader and influencer for self and others
  • How leading with your heart leads to; empowered, energized and exceptional employees & teams
  • How to cultivate an environment for transparency, collaboration and empowerment

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Get Clear on What You Want

Contrast naturally appears in our lives, pulling us in the opposite direction of where we thought we were headed. It acts as a moment to clarify our needs and desires, and to prioritize what’s important to us. When contrast appears, we can get stuck in what we don’t want or we can take action and make our aspirations into reality. In this motivational talk, Carmen teaches how to:

• Identify your contrast
• Find a path through contrast
• Clarify your vision
• Define your next steps forward

If you have a desire for something different, but need help getting clear on what, this workshop is for you!

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Interview with Confidence

Land that new job or launch that new career!

This workshop, developed from Carmen’s own processes used with her one-on-one coaching clients, will help you prepare for—and perform at— that next interview! From beginning your job-seeking journey to thinking on your feet to answer “that” interview question, you will learn to navigate nerves and increase your confidence, both before and during an interview!

  • Enhance the way you currently answer interview questions
  • Answer the 20 top interview questions with ease!
  • Improve your resume (side benefit!)
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