Welcome to this episode of Carmen’s Coaching Corner! In this very short under 5 minutes episode I discuss grounding. What is grounding? For me it is a means to calm the mind from anxiety, worry and chaotic thinking and get out of one’s head and back into your body. There are many ways you can do this, in this video I share a couple of techniques with you.

Watch to the end where I share a couple of photos I took on my hike to help you get grounded and calm. Enjoy the video!

Over to you!

Leave a comment if you use what was shared in this episode and how it helped you. What problem are you struggling with that you’d like to receive coaching around that would make a good topic for CCC? If you would like to receive coaching, please email me at carmen@soartlc.com. If you have additional tips you can share with others regarding this topic, please share! in the comments underneath this episode.

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In love and light to your transformation and growth, Carmen

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