Welcome to this episode of Carmen’s Coaching Corner. On this episode of Carmen’s Coaching Corner, I have a mentor and peer of mine whom I dearly love.  We were both certified through Christy Whitman’s, Quantum Success Coaching Academy, which is where Beth and I met.

During this 25 minute episode we discuss how Beth works with women and girls to expand into the fullness of who they are. Beth’s decades of experience of working in the school system, (working with over 15,000 students!) plays into what she brings to her life coaching. Beth share’s many nuggets of wisdom during this episode, so I highly encourage a listen! Topic’s we touch upon; diversity, curiosity, bullying, shifting perspective, negative self-image and self-worth, kindness and gratitude.

Enjoy the video!

More about Beth:

Beth Myers is a Certified Law of Attraction Empowerment Life Coach, Certified Inner Wellness Curriculum Facilitator, Mentor, and Speaker and the owner of Arrival Coaching.  She brings 31 years as a Frederick County (Maryland) Public Schools Educator/School Counselor having served as a first grade and transitional first grade teacher, curriculum writer, staff development presenter, K-5 School Counselor, and 3-5 School Counselor. Beth provides leadership to ensure students can learn in a safe environment, allow for open communication and welcoming support through presentations, communications (newsletters/website), lessons, workshops, and groups to create ongoing empowerment with bullying awareness, prevention, and response strategies to assist staff, students, and families. Beth assists stakeholders with how to deal with challenges that one experiences in life to step into their light to be REAL (Real Empowerment Allows Love). 

Her passion is to assist women and girls to stand in their power and own their unique light that they have to share with the world.  As a professional life coach and transformational leader, she helps them move from disempowered roles to be REAL women and girls.  She teaches processes grounded in the universal laws, such as the law of attraction, to shift one’s perspective about themselves, discover their greatness, and to take action with gratitude, kindness, and possibilities.        

Her mission is to inspire, expand and transform the lives of women and girls worldwide with her THRIVE Movement and journey to “Thrive Not Just Survive” initiative. Promoting self-awareness, connection, and empowerment, she herself is a REAL girl.

Beth holds a Master’s Degree in School Counseling, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and is professionally certified as a Quantum Success Coaching Academy Law of Attraction Life Coach and as an Inner Wellness Curriculum Facilitator from IShine.

Ways you can connect with Beth:

email: beth@arrivalcoaching.com

Website: www.arrivalcoaching.com

Phone: (240) 367-7523 – Work

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmenpaynesoarlifecoaching/

FaceBook: Daughters of the Universe / @ArrivalCoaching2Thrive

Over to you!

Leave a comment if you use what was shared in this episode and how it helped you. What problem are you struggling with that you’d like to receive coaching around that would make a good topic for CCC? If you would like to receive coaching, please email me at carmen@soartlc.com. If you have additional tips you can share with others regarding this topic, please share! in the comments underneath this episode.

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In love and light to your transformation and growth, Carmen

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