Welcome to this episode of Carmen’s Coaching Corner. In this very short 6-minute episode I share a few tips on how to prepare for a Skype interview. I received this question via email after a talk I gave on interviewing with confidence. The same tips can be applied to any kind of video conferencing e.g. Zoom, FaceBook Messenger etc.

Key Tips:


  1. Get the app or download the software to your tablet, laptop, device
  2. Make sure your device can support the technology
  3. Test!!
  4. Ensure you are in a quite place, minimal background noise
  5. Uncluttered background
  6. Tape your interview notes to your screen! Do not obscure the camera lens
  7. Make sure you are lit from the front
  8. Position camera slightly above eye level
  9. Test your sound, consider using a headset with a good mic
  10. Relax!



More about Carmen:

Carmen Payne is the owner of SOAR! Transformational Life Coaching, LLC and is a professional and personal development coach with 25 years’ experience in the areas of; leadership, coaching, mentoring, training and project management. During this time Carmen traveled the world, facilitated workshops, developed, tested, trained and deployed the initial phases of a global web-based Customer Service solution for 990 end users. In her last position, (prior to making the leap from her 25-year corporate career, to following her passion in coaching), Carmen partnered with fortune 500 companies to deploy integrated IT solutions.

Carmen obtained her coaching certifications at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.

Today Carmen’s services include; coaching, workshops, consulting and speaking.

Carmen currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her partner Joshua, her step daughter Olivia and their two very fluffy cats, Tiffany and Stephanie.

Ways you can contact Carmen:

email: carmen@soartlc.com

Website: www.soartlc.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carmenpaynesoarlifecoaching/

FaceBook: @SoarLifeCoaching

Over to you!

Leave a comment if you use what was shared in this episode and how it helped you. What problem are you struggling with that you’d like to receive coaching around that would make a good topic for CCC? If you would like to receive coaching, please email me at carmen@soartlc.com. If you have additional tips you can share with others regarding this topic, please share! in the comments underneath this episode.

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In love and light to your transformation and growth, Carmen

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